Oh So New

So, I’m new to this whole blogging thing, but I’ve decided that I’ve had enough. I’ve been an avid crocheter for less than a year; in fact, I started crocheting November 27,2012. Before that, it was just something I knew how to do (and the bare minimum at that). I was originally taught how to chain, single crochet, and double crochet by my grandmother, but self taught everything else. Now, I have a hard time putting my hook down, but with the various animals (and by animals I mean the cats, dog, kids, and husband!) running around my house, I feel I must. When I’m not taking care of everyone, and haven’t yet picked my hook back up, I’m scouring the web for the best crochet patterns I can find…it’s not easy. I’ve come up with several of my own patterns, but with the big ol World Wide Web, you can usually find something similar to your “unique idea” on another page. And telling people not to sell something you’ve given out a free pattern to is like giving natural child birth without any pain…it just ain’t gonna happen. Anyway, my main point of starting this blog is to find the best patterns and supply them here, including some of my own! Mainly, so I don’t have to keep bookmark after bookmark of them, but I figured you other avid crocheters might enjoy a one stop place for some really awesome patterns. Don’t worry, I’ll give credit when credit is due (I’m not that stingy)! I’m also not going to tell you not to sell any of the patterns that make it to this blog, it would be pointless (plus I’m of the mindset that if you go out and spend the money on the supplies and spend your own free time working it up, then you should be able to make something for your time)! I would appreciate pictures of your finished items to post along with mine, just to see how one pattern can create so many beautiful things! As you wait, ever so impatiently, for the patterns that I post, feel free to send me a line or two of I encouragement!


3 thoughts on “Oh So New

  1. Love your patterns! Thanks for sharing! When things slow down in this crazy life of mine I am going make beautiful things from your patterns you have shared. Are you under crocheting crazy on Raverly? I want to see all your wonder patterns. Thanks for all your hard work and blessed heart for sharing.

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