Crocheting Like Crazy

I woke up this morning and came to realize that I have less than a month to up my inventory before the craft fair…yikes! I wouldn’t say that I don’t have any inventory, but I don’t have as much as I think I should have. Part of me feels like I’m probably more prepared than I think I am and the other part is like, “Hey!! Wake up!! We have to have at least one of every pattern you know, in every size, and every color!!” Not even exaggerating! So, today lane, I have made 2 pairs of baby shoes and 1 adult shoe…yes, one adult shoe, not the pair! That’s quite a bit that I’ve gotten done considering I have three under the age of 5 to take care of!


One is barely under 5, but hey, I gotta use that reasoning while I can! Anyway, I hope that your day was as full of crocheting and family as mine! Tomorrow,I will post a new pattern for you, so keep checking back!!

Many wishes,