Neon Waterfall Throw

Neon Waterfall AfghanI finally completed a month long pattern the other day. I started out by thinking about Christmas present for this year. Yeah, I know it’s only January, but since I like giving out handmade gifts every year, I kinda gotta start super early. I was standing in the yarn aisle of my local Hobby Lobby just staring at all the yarn wondering what to make one of aunts, so I picked out 5 colors that went nicely together, but wouldn’t over run each other. At first, I didn’t have any plans to actually make a pattern, I was just focusing on what she would like. By the end, I was convinced I had something special, The Neon Waterfall Throw! It measures 39.5 inches by 31.5 inches, so it’s a really nice size. The cotton yarn (used Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Cotton) made it ever so soft and squishy! If you’re interested in purchasing the pattern, it is completely written, no graphs to follow you can purchase it here: Neon Waterfall Throw Pattern

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