Busy as a Bee in Springtime

I’ve been neglecting my poor blog again! I feel like I’ve been on the move non-stop for the past two weeks! The only reason I have for staying I. Today is the incredible amount of ice we have here in NC this morning (not to mention the fact that we are under a state of emergency). It’s supposed to be warm enough to melt today, but that will just make it worse for tomorrow when it all refreezes. No thank you.

I did make it to Joann Fabrics yesterday to pick up some “winter storm supplies.” Hey, as long as I have power, I’ll be keeping busy! I was able to pick up enough fabric for two quilts for Christmas, a few yards of fleece for feetie pjs for my littles, and a bunch of cheapo fabric for the temporary backing of a puff quilt I’m making my poor parents who live in MA with their 90 feet of snow.

Yesterday, I tried out a pattern I purchased off YouCanMakeThis for a pair of feetie pjs. My kids love these types of pjs and it’s much cheaper to make them.


I found it a surprisingly simple pattern to follow and didn’t take nearly as long as I anticipated.

I will have a new crochet blanket pattern for all of you soon! In the meantime, stay warm!


P.S. For those of you working on my Mystery Crochet Along, I just released clue number 4 yesterday! For those who are interested in participating still, this is a temporarily free pattern, but will go to paid on April 1st! I haven’t had anyone affected by the VAT contact me about having any troubles downloading it!