Red, White, and Blue Heart Tunisian Pattern

I have a new pattern for you! Actually, it’s the row counts for a Tunisian graphghan, but a pattern none-the-less. You can also work this pattern in single crochet and half double crochet by working every other row backwards (because you have to turn the work). If you’ve never done a graphghan, I recommend using bobbins, not individual skeins of yarn as it will cost you a fortune! You don’t even have to spend money on those little plastic yarn bobbins either, just look up how to make a butterfly bobbin, it’s super simple!

I haven’t yet blocked it out, so it’s not exactly perfect yet. These row counts have not yet been tested, so there may be some inaccuracies. If you happen to notice any, please let me know so that I can fix them!

Red, White, and Blue Heart Graphghan Pattern


  • 1 Skein Red Yarn
  • 1 Skein White Yarn
  • 1 Skein Blue Yarn
  • 1 Skein Black Yarn
  • I/9 – 5.50mm Tunisian (or regular) Hook
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry Needle


BG = Background Color

B = Black

R= Red

BL= Blue

Chain 100. 

    1.  50BG, 2B, 48BG (100 stitches total)
2.  48BG, 5B, 47BG
3.  47BG. 2B, 4R, 1B, 46BG
4.  46BG, 1B, 7R, 1B, 45BG
5.  45BG, 2B, 8R, 2B, 43BG
6.  43BG, 2B, 11R, 2B, 42BG
7.  42BG, 2B, 13R, 2B, 41BG
8.  41BG, 2B, 15R, 2B, 40BG
9.  40BG, 2B, 17R, 2B, 39BG
10.  39BG, 2B, 20R, 1B, 38BG
11.  37BG, 3B, 22R, 1B, 37BG
12.  37BG, 1B, 1W, 2B, 22R, 1B, 36BG
13.  36BG, 1B, 2W, 2B, 23R, 1B, 35BG
14.  34BG, 2B, 4W, 2B, 23R, 1B, 34BG
15.  33BG, 2B, 6W, 2B, 23R, 2B, 32BG
16.  32BG, 2B, 8W, 2B, 23R, 2B, 31BG
17.  31BG, 2B, 10W, 2B, 23R, 2B, 30BG
18.  30BG, 2B, 13W, 3B, 21R, 2B, 29BG
19.  29BG, 1B, 17W, 7B, 16R, 2B, 28BG
20.  28BG, 1B, 23W, 4B, 15R, 2B, 27BG
21.  26BG, 3B, 26W, 3B, 14R, 2B, 26BG
22.  25BG, 2B, 30W, 3B, 13R, 2B, 25BG
23.  24BG, 2B, 33W, 2B, 13R, 2B, 24BG
24.  23BG, 2B, 35W, 2B, 14R, 1B, 23BG
25.  22BG, 2B, 37W, 2B, 13R, 2B, 22BG
26.  21BG, 2B, 39W, 1B, 14R, 2B, 21BG
27.  20BG, 1B, 1R, 2B, 38W, 2B, 14R, 2B, 20BG
28.  18BG, 3B, 2R, 1B, 39W, 2B, 15R, 1B, 19BG
29.  18BG, 1B, 4R, 2B, 39W, 1B,15R, 2B, 18BG
30.  17BG, 1B, 7R, 1B, 38W, 2B, 15R, 2B, 17BG
31.  15BG, 2B, 9R, 2B, 37W, 2B, 15R, 3B, 15BG
32.  14BG, 2B, 11R, 3B, 36W, 1B, 17R, 1B, 15BG
33.  14BG, 1B, 14R, 5B, 32W, 3B, 15R, 2B, 14BG
34.  13BG, 1B, 18R, 13B, 23W, 2B, 8R, 9B, 13BG
35.  12BG, 1B, 29R, 6B, 21W, 19B, 12BG
36.  11BG, 2B, 34R, 2B, 21W, 4B, 14BL, 1B, 11BG
37.  10BG, 2B, 36R, 2B, 18W, 4B, 16BL, 2B, 10BG
38.  9BG, 2B, 38R, 2B, 14W, 5B, 19BL, 1B, 10BG
39.  9BG, 1B, 40R, 2B, 10W, 3B, 3BL, 1B, 1W, 1B, 19BL, 1B, 9BG
40.  8BG, 1B, 42R, 2B, 8W, 2B, 5BL, 1B, 1W, 2B, 18BL, 2B, 8BG
41.  7BG, 2B, 43R, 2B, 6W, 2B, 5BL, 2B, 2W, 1B, 19BL, 2B, 7BG
42.  6BG, 2B, 45R, 3B, 2W, 2B, 7BL, 1B, 4W, 1B, 19BL, 1B, 7BG
43.  6BG, 1B, 48R, 4B, 7BL, 2B, 5W, 1B, 19BL, 1B, 6BG
44.  5BG, 1B, 50R, 2B, 8BL, 1B, 6W, 2B, 18BL, 1B, 6BG
45.  5BG, 1B, 49R, 2B, 9BL, 1B, 7W, 1B, 19BL, 1B, 5BG
46.  4BG, 2B, 48R, 1B, 11BL, 1B, 7W, 2B, 18BL, 1B, 5BG
47.  4BG, 1B, 1W, 1B, 25R, 8B, 13R, 2B, 10BL, 2B, 8W, 2B, 17BL, 2B, 4BG
48.  3BG, 2B, 1W, 2B, 20R, 6B, 4W, 3B, 12R, 1B, 11BL, 1B, 10W, 2B, 17BL, 2B, 3BG
49.  2BG, 2B, 4W, 2B, 15R, 4B, 12W, 1B, 10R, 1B, 12BL, 1B, 11W, 1B, 18BL, 1B, 3BG
50.  2BG, 1B, 6W, 3B, 10R, 4B, 16W, 1B, 8R, 2B, 11BL, 2B, 12W, 1B, 14BL, 4B, 3BG
51.  2BG, 1B, 8W, 3B, 5R, 4B, 19W, 3B, 5R, 2B, 12BL, 1B, 13W, 20B, 2BG
52.  1BG, 2B, 10W, 8B, 23W, 2B, 4R, 1B, 13BL, 1B, 14W, 1B, 16W, 2B, 2BG
53.  1BG. 1B, 43W, 6B, 13BL, 1B, 30W, 1B, 1BL, 1B, 2BG
54.  1BG, 1B, 47W, 1B, 12BL, 3B, 29W, 1B, 2BL, 1B, 2BG
55.  1BG, 1B, 47W, 1B, 10BL, 3B, 30W, 2B, 2BL, 2B, 1BG
56.  2B, 46W, 1B, 8BL, 4B, 32W, 1B, 4BL, 1B, 1BG
57.  1B. 47W, 1B, 5BL, 3B, 35W, 1B, 5BL, 1B, 1BG
58.  1B, 46W, 2B, 1BL, 4B, 37W, 2B, 5BL, 1B, 1BG
59.  1B, 46W, 4B, 40W, 1B, 6BL, 1B, 1BG
60.  1B, 45W, 3B, 41W, 1B, 7BL, 1B, 1BG
61.  1B, 45W, 1B, 1BL, 2B, 39W, 2B, 7BL, 2B
62.  1B, 45W, 1B, 3BL, 2B, 37W, 1B, 8BL, 2B
63.  1B, 45W, 1B, 4BL, 2B, 35W, 1B, 9BL, 2B
64.  1B, 45W, 1B, 5BL, 2B, 33W, 2B, 9BL, 2B
65.  1B, 28W, 9B, 8W, 1B, 7BL, 2B, 30W, 2B, 10BL, 1B, 1BG
66.  2B, 24W, 3B, 8R, 4B, 5W, 1B, 8BL, 2B, 29W, 2B, 10BL, 1B, 1BG
67.  2B, 23W, 2B, 13R, 3B, 3W, 1B, 10BL, 1B, 29W, 1B, 10BL, 1B, 1BG
68.  1BG, 1B, 21W, 3B, 15R, 6B, 11BL, 2B, 27W, 2B, 9BL, 1B, 1BG
69.  1BG, 1B, 19W, 3B, 22R, 1B, 13BL, 1B, 27W, 1B, 9BL, 1B, 1BG
70.  1BG, 1B, 18W, 2B, 24R, 1B, 14BL, 1B, 26W, 1B, 8BL, 2B, 1BG
71.  1BG, 3B, 14W, 3B, 25R, 1B, 14BL, 1B, 26W, 2B, 7BL, 2B, 1BG
72.  2BG, 4B, 11W, 2B, 27R, 1B, 14BL, 1B, 27W, 1B, 7BL, 1B, 2BG
73.  2BG, 1B, 2R, 5B, 3W, 4B, 29R, 2B, 13BL, 1B, 27W, 1B, 7BL, 1B, 2BG
74.  2BG, 2B, 5R, 4B, 34R, 1B, 13BL, 1B, 27W, 2B, 5BL, 2B, 2BG
75.  3BG, 1B, 43R, 1B, 13BL, 1B, 28W, 1B, 5BL, 1B, 3BG
76.  3BG, 2B, 42R, 2B, 12BL, 1B, 28W, 1B, 5BL, 1B, 3BG
77.  4BG, 1B, 43R, 1B, 12BL, 1B, 12W, 5B, 11W, 2B, 3BL, 2B, 3BG
78.  5BG, 1B, 42R, 3B, 10BL, 1B, 11W, 2B, 3BL, 5B, 8W, 1B, 2BL, 2B, 4BG
79.  5BG, 1B, 41R, 2B, 1BG, 2B, 9BL, 1B, 10W, 2B, 8BL, 3B, 6W, 2B, 1BL, 1B, 5BG
80.  6BG, 1B, 39R, 2B, 3BG, 2B, 8BL, 1B, 9W, 2B, 11BL, 5B, 3W, 2B, 6BG
81.  6BG, 2B, 37R, 2B, 5BG, 2B, 7BL, 1B, 7W, 2B, 17BL, 6B, 6BG
82.  8BG, 1B, 35R, 1B, 8BG, 2B, 6BL, 1B, 6W, 2B, 21BL, 2B, 7BG
83.  9BG, 1B, 32R, 2B, 11BG, 1B, 5BL, 2B, 4W, 2B, 21BL, 2B, 8BG
84.  10BG, 2B, 29R, 2B, 12BG, 2B, 4BL, 1B, 4W, 2B, 21BL, 2B, 9BG
85.  11BG, 2B, 26R, 3B, 15BG, 2B, 2BL, 2B, 1W, 2B, 21BL, 2B, 11BG
86.  13BG, 2B, 22R, 3B, 18BG, 7B, 20BL, 3B, 12BG
87.  14BG, 3B, 18R, 3B, 23BG, 2B, 21BL, 2B, 14BG
88.  16BG, 4B, 13R, 3B, 26BG, 3B, 17BL, 3B, 15BG
89.  18BG, 15B, 31BG, 5B, 8BL, 5B, 18BG

  90.  25BG, 4B, 39BG, 10B, 22BG


 As always, enjoy!


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