The Big Squeeze

It has been a crazy, crazy week here and only going to get crazier this week! Our middle daughter is getting tested for autism this week, which is both scary and going to be a relief because it may or may not give us answers as to why she acts and does things the way she does. It’ll be a relief whether she ends up on the spectrum or not because it’ll tell us which step to take next. We are on a 2.5 year journey with whatever is going on with her, so wish us some luck on getting some answers.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on a new blanket while riding in the car and at night before bed and I can’t wait to share it with you! 


Doesn’t it look so soft and squishy? It is!! It’s also a quick work up, which is even better for this instant gratification person! The pattern is so simple it is perfect for beginners and a great mindless project where you don’t have to have the pattern in front of you the whole time, which are my favorite kind (because I love to read while I knit)!

Here’s the pattern for you:

The Big Squeeze Blanket Pattern

  • Materials:
  1. 400 (or more) Yards of Super Bulky Yarn (#6 Weight)
  2. Size 35 – 19mm Needles
  3. Tapestry Needle (for weaving in those pesky ends)
  4. Scissors

  • Directions:

CO 60 (or any multiples of 4)

  1. *K4, P4** repeat from * to ** across
  2. *P4, K4** repeat from * to ** across

Repeat these two rows until all 400 yards are used up (or however big you’d like it to be).

That’s is! It’s really that simple!



I hope you enjoy my newest pattern! As always, comments and questions are always welcome!

Until later,