Drop Stitch Blanket Pattern

I’m here, I’m here! I know, I know, I’ve been neglecting you all, but I promise I haven’t forgotten about you at all! My family and I went on a vacation to visit my parents in Massachusetts a few weekends ago and ended up getting into an accident in a mall parking lot looking for a parking spot; someone decided to cut across multiple parking spaces and somehow managed not to see us. Not what I would call a great way to spend a relaxing vacation, but luckily there wasn’t much damage to my car and the kids weren’t in it with my husband and I. 

In the meantime, between insurance company phone calls, I have been working on a couple of Christmas presents.  I have also created a new pattern for you! This is going to be called the Drop Stitch Blanket Pattern! It’s a super simple, easy to memorize, perfect for car trips pattern. 

Drop Stitch Blanket Pattern 


  • 5 Skeins Worsted Weight (#4) Yarn (or a heavier #3, I used Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable)
  • US6 Circular Needles
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors


CO 120 (or however many you desire, just make sure it’s an even number)

  1. K6 rows
  2. (K1, YO) repeating to the end
  3. Knit all stitches dropping YOs
  4. Repeat directions 1-3 until desired length ending with K6

See! Super simple and super awesome. This can also be customized to include whatever size and color yarn you desire (I like my patterns to offer as much flexibility as possible), just make sure you use the right size needles for the yarn you choose!