The Scrappy Blanket

As you can tell, I’ve started another blanket!! Blankets are my favorite thing to make; they’re something that can be enjoyed forever, not just until it’s outgrown, so it makes all the effort put into them seem worthwhile. As to whether or not the recipient actually appreciates all of your hard work is another story. 

I’m not yet ready to release the pattern yet, but I do have the bulk of it written out. It’s a blanket that will be perfect for using up those little bits and pieces of yarn that are too small for a full project, but too big to be discarded or given to the birds.

I will update you on the project as it progresses, but it shouldn’t be more than a week or two before that pattern will be posted for you. If it ends up being longer it’s because life got in the way (I hate when it does that) or I can’t decide how to finish it!

Keep creating,