4th of July Week

Wow! Has it been a crazy week for you? It has been absolutely crazy over here. I spent the entire first three days of this week sewing up two dresses and a headband. We were supposed to have a 4th of July celebration with family on Thursday, but it got rescheduled due to weather. We didn’t know it was cancelled until I’d already busted my butt making two absolutely beautiful dresses for my daughters. Now, I’m totally not complaining, my fault for waiting until the last minute. The girls couldn’t have been happier to save them and be able to show them off on the actual day! We got so many compliments when we were out and about on Saturday! 

Drum roll….as I’m about to show them off!

Daughter #1 in her dress (testing it out as soon as it was finished):

Daughter #2 in her dress (as soon as it was finished, she, also, wanted to test it out)!

I am so glad that they like the things I make for them! I remember growing up and getting excited when my mom or grandma would make me something special.

As for yarn-y news, my Monster Blanket Test is underway! I’m so excited! I love the way it’s turning out. Here’s what it looks like at about 60% completed:

I also, just finished…not 30 minutes ago…a blanket I had been working on since April. It’s called Fall Comfort Throw on Ravelry or Catherine’s Wheel Throw on Red Hearts Website. If you’re looking for it, it can be found here: Catherine’s Wheel Throw

Here’s mine:

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3 thoughts on “4th of July Week

  1. Ahhh such sweet little happy faces wearing their lovely new dresses. Too cute! I love the monster blanket…of course, you know this already since I am one of your testers! 🙂 Oh the Catherine’s Wheel blanket is beautiful. I love the colors you choose. 🙂 Wishing you a most lovely day. 🙂

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