Pattern Releases

Hey All! I am starting to wind down on the pattern releases, both free and paid, for the year and gear up on Halloween Costume and Christmas present making! I anticipate having one more Mystery Crochet Along this year and, unless I come up with more ideas and use them as present ideas, that’s about it for the rest of the year. Not to worry though, there will be more next year! I’m hoping to delve into sweaters next year as this year has been full of blankets! In the meantime, I have two new patterns that have just released:

Fall Pumpkin Hat:


Comes in sizes Baby-Adult. My son claimed this one before it was even finished! He loves everything mommy makes!

My other pattern:

Through The Garden Gates Blanket:


Just got this one released today! I am very excited about this one as there are so many memories attached to it! It contains not only a pattern, but a photo tutorial of the Braid Join I used to connect everything together!

Until Later,