Quick Update: A Photo Finish (PPE)

I have a photo finish! I finally finished the picture section of my The Peter Pan Effect blanket! The border isn’t complete yet, but that’ll be nothing compared to how long this actually took me to finish! Anyway, here’s is the photo:

Here are some of my final figures:

Hook Size: J (6mm)

Yarn Used: Red Heart Super Saver in Pretty N Pink – About 546 Yards total or 1.5 skeins

Caron One Pound in Grey – About 1,421 Yards total or 1.75 skeins

Total Yardage Used: 1,967 Yards

Final Size Without Border: 42″ x 35.5″
My one and only problem was that I hated the Caron One Pound Yarn, at least in this colorway. It was very very stiff so I’m hoping with a run through the wash will soften it up.
Now off to wet block it and slap a border on it!



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