End of the Year Teacher Gifts

I know it may seem early to be thinking about the end of the year teacher gift, but when you make the gifts and have two children in school this year, you gotta start thinking and designing early! This year, my first grader is absolutely in love with her teacher and has inspired her and pushed her to become better and better all year, so I figured I need to do something extra special for this teacher. I’ve decided on an afghan! Crazy, I know, but I like to make the gifts and I like them to be usable, not just some little trinket that’s going to collect dust. I figure that the blanket can be used in the classroom or simply taken home to enjoy, either way, I’ll be happy!

As per the usual, I’m doing a graphghan, so I made up the chart on Thursday or Friday, sometime last week, and have been plugging away at it. I’m almost 25% finished.

Here’s a photo at 10% Complete:


Here’s another photo of the next section, or 20%, that I completed just yesterday:


Once the blanket is completed, I will have all of the materials information and row counts written out so that you all may do one if you wish!

Until then, back to work for me!