Finished Friday: Week April 23-29

I have had a busy busy week working on a bunch of WIPs that have been sitting around for quite a while. The sad part is, I didn’t even make a dent in the number I have! 

The first thing I finished was a Fall Comfort Throw that I started back in July 2015! Procrastinate much? Maybe… Anywho, here’s a couple of photos of the finished blanket.

I wasn’t too thrilled with the color palette when I first picked out the colors, but they came together much better than I imagined and the blanket has definitely grown on me. This is the second blanket I’ve made using this pattern.

This next blanket was so much fun to make! It’s called an Event Plaid. There isn’t a hand holding pattern for this one, but it gives you the general idea of what to do. Basically, you work the pattern using the date of any event you are looking to make a blanket for and use the numbers of that date for the amount of rows to do per color. For example, I used my eldest daughter’s birthday 02/13/09. I then associated a color to each number (omitting any zeros): 2-Mid Green, 1-Desert Glaze, 3-Hot Rose, and 9-Turquoise. To start the blanket, I just chained any even number and, using an open box pattern, I worked 2 rows of the green, 1 row of the orange, 3 rows of the pink, and 9 rows of the turquoise, repeating until I got the desired length I wanted. Then, using two strands of each color at a time, I weaved the strands going vertically through the blanket, using the same order as when making the open boxes. I hope that, at least, makes a little sense.manyway, here’s my finished result!!

The final finished project of the week was a simple Fan Shell Bonnet and Wrap. I have had the lace yarn I used in this pattern for over a year now and couldn’t figure out a pattern to use it for, so I went of the hunt for something quick and easy. I was surprised how quick and lovely the end result was. It only used about 300 yards total, which was only about half of the skein! Not sure what I’m going to do with it as there are no little babies in my family or photographers who could use the prop, but I’ll figure that out another day, this was just fun to make!

I hope I’ve inspired you or given you some ideas if you’ve been having a project blank! 

I’d love to see what you’ve been working on this week! Feel free to send me a message or post a comment showing me!

Stay inspired!



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