Finished Friday: May 28-June 3

It’s June already?!? As scary as it sounds, I really need to start getting a solid line up of Christmas presents written out and started! Have you started anything yet? 

Anywho, while you’re pondering that thought, I have two finished projects to share with you! The first is called Willow. It is a paid pattern, $3.75 (as of this post). It is a very quick and perfect for last minute baby blanket. I hesitated when I went to write blanket because it just turned out so small; the final measurement ended up being only 31″ in diameter. It took me less than 12, probably more like less than 8 working hours to complete. I used the stated hook size and Caron Simply Soft in Blue Mint. I’m happy with the way it turned out, just a little disappointed in the final size, though I plan on remedying that by playing with different yarns, multiple strands, and hook sizes in the future. 

The other thing I finished wasn’t a blanket! I know!! So strange of me! It was actually a very amazing tote called Chasing Chevrons Yarn And Beach Bag/Tote.  This is also a paid pattern, $5 (as of this post). I stuck with the general color scheme of neon rainbow, but altered the order and used a darker green. This bag works perfect for bringing a bigger project somewhere with you or, the way I tested it out today, was to use it to carry Splash Park things! I was able to carry two towels, 3 water bottles, a purse, sunscreen, snacks, a change of clothes for the kids, and a baby blanket project, all with room to spare! The tote stretched slightly, but I expected that as its unlined and made of yarn, but I was not disappointed in the way it handled at all! I may line the next one just to see what happens, but it’s definitely not necessary as long as you stick with a yarn that has very little stretch to it, like cotton (which is what the pattern calls for and I used). I’ve already had a few friends ask for one of their own!

I hope I gave you some new ideas and, maybe, inspired you to get that holiday list written out (just over 6 months left or less than if you have to ship things out like I do)!!
Stay Crafty!