Finished Friday: August 6th-August 12th

Ok, so I’m going to be honest up front, this is more like a Finished Friday from two weeks ago through today! It has been an absolutely crazy last 30 days! My parents moved down to be near us after 8 years apart!! I am very excited to have them here so they can watch the kids grow up now. On top of that, the husband has been away for work, and now school is right around the corner! So, yeah, busy, busy times have been had at the Carter household!

Without further ado, I give you the first project: 

This pattern has been all over my Facebook newsfeed and my middle child happened to see it and told me she wanted one, so, of course, I had to make it for her! The pattern is called Josephina and Jeffery Elephant Pillow. This pillow was done in Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn in Hot Rose and Grapette. Both colors were chosen by my daughter and I can say I’m very happy with how it turned out…and so is she! I needed 3 skeins of the Hot Rose and .5 of the Grapette. This pillow is huge, way bigger than I anticipated it being, but it’s awesome. I think, the only thing I’d do differently is use a premade round pillow instead of stuffing so it will be easier to wash. 
My second completed item was my own Under The Sea Blanket. 

The yarn and amounts used can vary greatly with this pattern, but if you do it exactly like I did, in sc, with worsted weight yarn, and an I Hook, it measures 38″ x 40.5″. It used just over 1,500 yards and the only color I needed more than 1 skein for is the white, which took 2.5. My princess obsessed oldest child has tried to claim this as her own several times and I hope yours does too!
Project 3 is a very popular pattern.

This pattern is called The Midwife Blanket. I did a different border than the one in the pattern and also added a few more repeats because it just seemed a bit off at the number of pattern repeats in the pattern. My blanket measures 26.75″ square. I used a G Hook and Bernat Baby Sport in the color Blossom. This isn’t actually a sport weight yarn, it’s stated as a DK on the yarn band, name seems weird. Anyway, I can understand why this blanket is popular, it’s very simple with some beautiful results!
I hope I’ve managed to inspire you to start a new project! In the meantime, stay crafty!