Finished Friday: August 20th-August 26th

It’s been a busy week here getting ready for school to start up again! Due to this, I only got one project finished this week: Santa Christmas Stocking.

I’m making a whole set of Christmas stocking for my parents for Christmas, this was stocking number 1. I thought it would take me way longer than it did to finish due to the light weight yarn and small hook, but it only took me 13 days…half of those days were just waiting for my yarn to arrive in the mail! This is a paid pattern, $5 as of this post. I’m using Knit Picks Comfy Fingering which is a 75% Cotton, 25% Acrylic blend and can I just say, this stuff is awesome! The stocking is about the size of your average store bought one except it looks a heck of a lot more adorable! I haven’t added the ribbon to the top, haven’t decided whether I want to or not. This stocking was very simple and the directions were clear, so I highly recommend it to anyone who needs some new seasonal decor! Time to move on to the next one on my list!
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