The Archer MCAL: Clue 1

Welcome to The Archer MCAL! This is the beginning of our 5 week adventure together! I wish those of you who joined the group event luck on winning one of those two prizes! If you’re new to the crochet along, please read here for hints, tips, and materials information.


  • B = Background (your chosen background color will be used for these stitches)
  • C = Contrasting Color (your chosen color for the silhouette or picture part)


Ch 107 (+ turning chains, if not doing Tunisian)

  • Rows 1-5: 107B
  • Row 6: 57B, 3C, 47B
  • Row 7: 56B, 5C, 46B
  • Row 8: 59B, 3C, 45B
  • Row 9: 55B, 7C, 45B
  • Row 10: 54B, 7C, 46B
  • Row 11: 53B, 7C, 47B
  • Row 12: 53B, 6C, 48B
  • Row 13: 53B, 7C, 47B
  • Row 14: 53B, 7C, 47B
  • Row 15: 54B, 7C, 46B
  • Row 16: 54B, 7C, 46B
  • Row 17: 55B, 6C, 46B
  • Row 18: 55B, 6C, 46B
  • Row 19: 56B, 5C, 46B
  • Row 20: 56B, 5C, 9B, 3C, 34B
  • Row 21: 56B, 5C, 9B, 3C, 34B
  • Row 22: 56B, 6C, 8B, 4C, 33B
  • Row 23: 56B, 7C, 7B, 6C, 31B
  • Row 24: 56B, 7C, 7B, 7C, 30B
  • Row 25: 54B, 10C, 6B, 5C, 32B

Feel free to post your progress in the event on my Facebook page, Crocheting Crazy!



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