The Archer MCAL: Part 3

I know I’m a day late in releasing this part, but we had an unexpected day happen yesterday, such is life with kids! Quick reminder, if you wish to be in the running for one of two amazing prizes, you must be an active participant in the event group! 
Clue 3:


  • Row 51: 53B, 13C, 13B, 11C, 17B
  • Row 52: 53B, 13C, 13B, 9C, 19B
  • Row 53: 52B, 14C, 13B, 10C, 18B
  • Row 54: 51B, 16C, 13B, 10C, 17B
  • Row 55: 37B, 1C, 12B, 17C, 13B, 11C, 16B
  • Row 56: 34B, 4C, 11B, 19C, 12B, 11C, 16B
  • Row 57: 33B, 5C, 11B, 19C, 12B, 10C, 17B
  • Row 58: 34B, 4C, 11B, 18C, 13B, 9C, 18B
  • Row 59: 36B, 2C, 12B, 17C, 13B, 9C, 18B
  • Row 60: 35B, 3C, 13B, 14C, 15B, 8C, 19B
  • Row 61: 35B, 3C, 15B, 10C, 17B, 7C, 20B
  • Row 62: 34B, 5C, 16B, 7C, 18B, 6C, 21B
  • Row 63: 35B, 4C, 18B, 5C, 18B, 6C, 21B
  • Row 64: 35B, 4C, 20B, 4C, 17B, 7C, 20B
  • Row 65: 34B, 5C, 20B, 5C, 16B, 8C, 19B
  • Row 66: 34B, 5C, 19B, 8C, 13B, 9C, 19B
  • Row 67: 34B, 6C, 18B, 10C, 11B, 10C, 18B
  • Row 68: 35B, 5C, 17B, 19C, 1B, 12C, 18B
  • Row 69: 34B, 6C, 17B, 31C, 19B
  • Row 70: 33B, 8C, 16B, 29C, 21B
  • Row 71: 32B, 11C, 15B, 28C, 21B
  • Row 72: 32B, 15C, 11B, 28C, 21B
  • Row 73: 33B, 16C, 9B, 29C, 20B
  • Row 74: 34B, 17C, 8B, 28C, 20B
  • Row 75: 35B, 18C, 6B, 28C, 20B

That’s it until next week! I can’t wait to see your progress!



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