The Archer MCAL: Clue 5

This is it folks, the final clue! Only 24 more rows on your crochet journey and it will be complete…outside of whatever border you choose to put around it. Post your completed item photos in the group event to be entered to win one of two fabulous prizes!

  • Row 101: 34B, 11C, 12B, 20C, 30B
  • Row 102: 35B, 11C, 11B, 21C, 29B
  • Row 103: 36B, 10C, 11B, 21C, 29B
  • Row 104: 38B, 8C, 12B, 20C, 29B
  • Row 105: 38B, 10C, 10B, 20C, 29B
  • Row 106: 38B, 11C, 7B, 21C, 30B
  • Row 107: 39B, 11C, 5B, 20C, 32B
  • Row 108: 40B, 11C, 3B, 22C, 31B
  • Row 109: 41B, 35C, 31B
  • Row 110: 41B, 34C, 32B
  • Row 111: 41B, 34C, 32B
  • Row 112: 40B, 35C, 32B
  • Row 113: 40B, 34C, 33B
  • Row 114: 41B, 32C, 34B
  • Row 115: 42B, 30C, 35B
  • Row 116: 44B, 26C, 37B
  • Row 117: 46B, 23C, 38B
  • Row 118: 47B, 20C, 40B
  • Row 119: 48B, 3C, 2B, 9C, 45B
  • Row 120: 55B, 7C, 45B
  • Row 121-124: 107B

All photos must be posted to the event group by 15October2016 in order to qualify for the prizes! Good luck!


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