Quick and Cozy Homespun Blanket

If you have a large extended family like I do, then you are probably on the search for quick and easy gift patterns that still have the “Wow” impact, right? My aunt asked for, of all things this time of year, a blanket in teal. I really wanted to give her what she wanted and I have about 60 skeins of Lion Brand Homespun in my stash from last year that hadn’t yet been used. I mean, there’s not a whole lot of option out there for fuzzy yarn like that because lace patterns get muddled and bulky items seem to look twice as bulky, not to mention the fuzz factor if used for a sweater or something. Anyway, I made it quick and simple, more of a “duh” pattern, but hey, sometimes you just need someone to throw the obvious at you before you go, “Yes! Duh! Exactly what I need.” We’ve all been there! 

Quick and Cozy Homespun Blanket


  • 8 Skein of Lion Brand Homespun or Bulky (5) Weight Yarn (I used 4 of Lagoon and 4 of Waterfall)
  • Q Hook
  • Needle
  • Scissors


  • Row 1: Holding Yarn double, Ch to your desired width, hdc in 3rd chain from hook and each chain across. Turn.
  • Row 2: Ch 2 (does not count as stitch here and throughout), hdc in first and each stitch across. Turn.

Repeat Row 2 until you reach your desired length.
For the border, I just Sc in each stitch around, fasten off and weave in ends. Voila!! You have a quick and beautiful blanket!

I hope I was able to help you cut down on your holiday gift list a little!
Until next time!