Finished Friday: April 8th-14th

What is more exciting than finishing a WIP? When you have as many as I do, probably not much! There’s always that sense of triumph and satisfaction, especially when the final result exceeds your expectations! This week I have 3 things to share!

Finished project number 1 is my second Paris Matélasse Baby Blanket

This pattern is available for purchase on Ravelry and it is sooo worth it (actually, the whole book is worth the $10)!! 

This pattern is definitely a yarn eater, but it’s one of my favorites by another designer! My blanket came in measuring 36.5″ in diameter. That might seem like a decent size, but it took me 7 skeins, yes 7 skeins, of Red Heart Unforgettable! That’s about 1,960 yards, and it takes just about every single yard! So if you’re a loose crocheter, you might wanna have a backup skein or two on hand just in case! It’s definitely not a cheap endeavor if you’re a one income family (which is why it took me so long to finish)! The Unforgettable color I used is called Dragonfly and, like all the other colors, it’s beautiful! I just love the way the colors work up in this pattern. 

My second finished project of the week is Classic Stuffed Bunny!


This bunny is absolutely adorable! I am not one to normally make anything that requires stuffing, but my son’s PreK was putting together a raffle basket and was looking for donations, so, of course I had to make something! I didn’t have any Lion Brand Homespun Thick and Quick on hand that the pattern called for, but I do have a lot of the regular Lion Brand Homespun. So, instead, I just held the regular Homespun double and increased my Hook size to a 10mm. Worked perfectly and it didn’t even use the full 2 skeins! I also didn’t have any safety eyes, so I just used 2 small buttons! On top of that, it only took me about 3 hours to complete from start to finish! Talk about perfect, right? It reminds me of those old velveteen bunnies! I see many more of these bunnies in my future! 

My final “finished” project of the week isn’t actually finished, but it’s so large of a pattern that I call it a good week when I’m able to finish a part! 

This is the completed Part 9 of my Mandala Madness blanket! As of this point, my blanket measures 47″, just 1″ shy of 4 feet in diameter from point to point! The yarn I’m using is Lion Brand Heartland! I’ve used just about 2,761 yards art this point in time! Pretty sure this is going to be one of the biggest blankets I’ve ever made! I can’t wait to start on Part 10! 

It has been a pretty busy week here and I got to check off a few things on my WIP list, which is always a good thing in my book! I hope I was able to stir up a little inspiration for you this morning! 



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