Finished Friday: July 1st-7th

Have you ever been walking through the yarn aisles and fall in love with all the different and gorgeous variegated yarns? Happens to me all the time! Then, when I go to use them, I find myself getting frustrated with them because they seem to wash out any pattern you put them to. So you frog and try a new one, just to have to frog it all over again! 😖 

Well, I have the solution to your variegated yarn problem! This is my one and only finished project this week and may be for the majority of the month as I am currently on vacation! I did another variation of my Simply Stunning Baby Blanket and I am totally and completely in love! 😍

I kept the yarn weight and Hook size the same, and followed the pattern as written…for the most part. The only difference was my starting and stopping points; I began and ended with a variegated row. Every second dc row was also variegated as was the border. The yarn I used was Red Heart Super Saver in Cornmeal and Artist Print. I did 14 total repeats. There is currently no final measurement as I don’t have a way to measure right now.

I hope I was able to help you come up with a wonderful way to use those gorgeous, yet frustrating, variegated yarns!!