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I had absolutely zero idea as to what I was going to do with this yarn. I found it in an A.C. Moore while on vacation back home in NY and scooped it right up. It never had an intended purpose, I just got it while I had the chance…you know how it goes! 

This blanket came to be strictly because I finished a project on the 13 hour drive home and it was the only yarn within arms reach! But I’m so glad it was and after 2 months being rotated between other projects and designs, it’s finally finished!

Skip To My Lou Blanket


  • 4 Skeins Red Heart Super Saver Stripes 
  • 1 Skein Red Heart Soft
  • H Hook
  • Scissors
  • Needle

Special Stitches:

  • Shell: [dc, (ch 2, dc)2 times]in indicated stitch.
  • 2-Dc Cluster: dc2tog in same indicated Stitch.

Ch 122 (or any multiple of 6 +2)

  • Row 1: Sc in second chain from hook, *skip 2 chains, shell in next chain, skip 2 chains, sc in next chain,** Repeat from *to** across, turn.
  • Row 2: Ch 5 (counts as Dc, ch 2), Dc in same stitch as beginning ch-5, sc in 2nd Dc of shell stitch, *shell in next sc, sc in 2nd Dc in shell stitch,** Repeat from *to** until last sc, (Dc, ch 2, Dc)in last sc, turn.
  • Row 3: Ch 1, sc in first stitch, *shell in next sc, sc in 2nd Dc of shell stitch** Repeat from *to** across, turn. 

Repeat Rows 2 & 3 until you have 80 rows ending on a Row 2.

  • Final Row: Ch 1, sc in first st, *ch 2, Dc in next sc stitch, ch 2, sc in 2nd Dc of shell stitch,** Repeat from *to** across. 

Continue on to border or fasten off and join new color to same stitch as where you fastened off.


  • Round 1: Ch 1, working down side, sc 121 stitches evenly, you should have put your last stitch in the corner, sc again in the corner stitch, *putting your first stitch in the same corner, sc 121 along next side, putting your last stitch in the corner, sc again in the corner stitch,** Repeat from *to** around, join. 
  • Round 2: Ch 2 (does not count as a stitch), *Dc in each stitch along side, (Dc, ch 1, Dc)in corner stitch,** Repeat from *to** around, join.
  • Round 3: Ch 2 (does not counts as a stitch), Dc in first stitch, *(ch 2, skip 2 sts, Dc in next st)repeat along side to last Dc, ch 2, (Dc, ch 1, Dc)in corner space, ch 2, skip next stitch, Dc in next stitch,** Repeat from *to** around, omit last Dc on last Repeat, join.
  • Round 4: Ch 1, sc in first st, sc in next 2 sts, *[ch 4, skip (Dc, ch-2, Dc), (2-Dc cluster, ch 5, 2-Dc cluster)in next ch-3 space, ch 4, skip (Dc, ch-2, Dc), 2dc in next ch-2 space, Dc in next st, 2dc in next ch-2 space,]8 times, ch 4, sc in corner ch-1 space, ch 4, 2dc in ch-2 space, Dc in next stitch, 2dc in ch-2 space,** Repeat from *to** around, omitting last 3 Dc in final Repeat, join. 

Fasten off and weave in ends.
And you are done!! Not too bad, huh! And a perfect use for this beautiful striped yarn! 



The Unfortunately Necessary Fine Print:

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  1. The blanket is really pretty, but I’m confused on the shell pattern.
    Just to verify, is it dc, ch2, dc, ch2, dc?

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