Finished Friday: March 17th-23rd

It’s been a bit since I posted a Finished Friday! I’ve been doing more spinning than anything lately and I’m completely absorbed in it! The whole process is so relaxing! Not that knitting and crocheting isn’t relaxing, but there’s something about completing the whole process from carding to spinning to completing a project that is just so satisfying. I highly recommend it if you’ve ever felt so inclined!

Anyway, I have 1 completed project for this week, it’s my Tenderheart Sweater by TinCanKnits!

This sweater was part of a charity book they released with a couple of other amazing designers called Heart on My Sleeve. This pattern book is so well written that I’m pretty sure even a first time sweater maker could complete it! As a matter of fact, this was the first time I’ve ever knit a sweater from the bottom up!

My sweater is made from a heavier weight yarn than the pattern calls for because I’m using up my stash as much as I can. I used Stitch Studio Pound of Stitches for the main color and Ice Yarns Magic Light for the fair isle portion. I used the needle sizes called for in the pattern!

I’m not gonna lie, I was kinda excited when it was going to get cold out again just so my daughter could wear it (I think she was as excited as I was about that fact)! I honestly didn’t think she’d get to wear it before next winter. It can warm up a little anytime now though.

If you’re wondering what I was spinning, I spun up a merino/silk blend (the rainbow-ish one), and a corridale/merino/silk blend (the grey looking one).

I’m thinking about leaving the grey as is and plying the rainbow one with some white or light grey-ish. Still mulling it over though, so we will see!

Stay inspired!