Finished Friday: July 14-July 20th

This week’s Finished Friday post is brought to you by a little boy who requested Batman!

My son has loved Batman since as far back as I can remember, so, naturally, when I asked him what kind of sweater he wanted, he said “a Batman one.” Ooooookkkkk… How in the heck was I going to make this kid a Batman sweater when I couldn’t find a pattern for one in his size? I had never created a pattern for a knitted sweater and I definitely didn’t have any plans to start. I was in a dilemma!

The search on Ravelry began! I found one pattern for a Batman sweater, but it was only available in one size…and it wasn’t his! đŸ˜­ So, disappointedly, I started looking at other sweaters and googling how to make a knit sweater from scratch; none of it was very helpful. I thought I was screwed six ways from Sunday until I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a beautiful sweater made by Tin Can Knits. It had nothing to do with my Batman Sweater search, but it was beautiful and I thought maybe I could make one for one of my girls. I bought the pattern. As I was scanning the patterns to get an idea of how it worked, it came out and slapped me in the face! This pattern was the my dream pattern, it was the answer to my Batman prayers! It gave me step by step directions on how to produce a fairisle sweater!! Once I got over my sheer excitement, I began figuring out the math and creating my Batman symbol and other graphs! I was saved!

So, without anymore delay, I give you, my finished Batman sweater courtesy of Tin Can Knits and their Strange Brew!!

As you can see, he is clearly happy with the outcome!

To make the sweater, I used the stated circular and double pointed needles. I used 2 balls of Yarn Bee Sweet Delight in Toy Elephant, 1 ball in Soft Licorice, and 1 ball in Banana. It didn’t take all of the yarn to complete, only about have of the 2nd ball of grey and half of each of the other two colors. The size I made was 6-8 and my graphs fit nicely.

If you’re on the prowl for a “Batman Sweater” of your own and don’t have a clue about where to find one, I highly recommend checking out this pattern! They really did a great job making it fool proof!

That’s all for this week!



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